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We’re thrilled to welcome the lovely Aimee Claire as a guest blogger here at DIGITAL bungalow – she’s sweetening things up in the home this week:

I have always had a weakness for sugary delights, so I leap at any chance to include cakes and confectionery themes in my home décor. The current mood in interiors is for all things nostalgic and retro and a glimpse into modern kitchens reveals plenty of 1950s style fabrics and prints on display, as well as vintage inspired crockery. It is as if we are looking back to yesteryear for a little comfort – and what better way to cheer ourselves up than by filling up on cakes and sweets.

Start the day with something sweet ...

Start the day with something sweet …

Many of us remember standing in line at the sweetshop as children, waiting to order a quarter of our favourite sherbet lemons or fizzy cola bottles. The intoxicating aroma of sugar on the air as you walked in the door, the anticipation as you gazed up at the rows of glass jars on shelves, bursting with sweet promise – ah yes…. it takes me back to happy, simple times.

Sweet nostaligia

Sweet nostaligia

But there is no need to assign sweet shop memories to history – we can re-create confection perfection at home in our décor and accessories. The kitchen is the ideal room to pay homage to all things deliciously sugary and you’ll find a huge range of accessories celebrating sweet and cake themes readily available. Tea towels, napkins and tablecloths decorated with colourful candy and cupcakes introduce a playful mood into the kitchen. Dress the teapot in a sweet smothered cosy or don cupcake covered gauntlets to open the oven door. Sweet inspiration is everywhere.

coco kitchen does retro

coco kitchen does retro

Really go for it in the kitchen and put up some shelves lined with attractive glass storage jars. Glass containers come in many shapes and styles and look wonderful arranged where they could be admired. Although it would be nice, it isn’t necessary to fill all these jars with sweets. Ordinary everyday ingredients can be displayed just as prettily in clear glass containers, perhaps accented with a few sneaky jars of liquorice and gob-stoppers here and there.

Pastel Peppermint Candy Buttons

Pastel Peppermint Candy Buttons

I love wandering around flea markets and junk shops and I always look out for pieces of vintage kitchenware. Traditional cake and biscuit tins, enamelware, floral print tea sets and cake stands are always a joy to find. Look out for vintage enamel advertising signs that feature sweets or cakes – fixed on the kitchen wall these look great and become a central focus to such schemes. Choose really lovely furniture to complement the room’s style, a table to sit around and a traditional dresser that can be laden with jars and vintage crockery looks fabulous. Include a comfortable armchair by the window, upholstered in mouth-watering jelly tot fabric, the perfect spot to savour the flavours of times gone by.

Muffin Pouffe

Muffin Pouffe

Make the kitchen feel like sweetie heaven by pulling wall, flooring and furnishing colours straight from the goody jar. The soft pastels of sugared-almond shades contrast well with the boiled sweet tones of candy apple red and fizzy lemon. Pick and mix from glossy sweet wrapper shades and silky fondant icing tints and the results will be good enough to eat.

Macaroon chairs

Macaroon chairs

Ice cream lights

Ice cream lights

I must admit to following the trail of discarded sweet wrappers and now find myself the proud custodian of a sugary inspired kitchen, packed with charming accessories and homely touches that make it a pleasure to spend time in. Sweet indeed.

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